Restoring Antique Picture Frames

A complete service.
Trust us to restore both your painting and aging frame back to prestine condition.


As part of our service we can offer a complete package to restore both your picture and its frame, and present them both back to you, ready to hang, in prime gallery condition.


We work in collaboration with the country’s leading makers and restorers of top quality reproduction Antique and Contemporary picture mouldings.

If your painting is initially without a frame or is too damaged to repair, we offer a full range of top quality reproduction mouldings and can advise you on a suitable frame to match its age and style.

Not only can we repair or rebuild damaged Antique Period Picture Frames, but also the most ornate mirror frames, and re gild with a range of quality gold leaf applications.

All work is carried out by highly experience craftsmen who can produce bespoke frames, designed, and made to your individual specifications, and to the highest exhibition standards.

In the case of repair, to obtain ball park estimates, simply email us images relating to any damage etc, and any individual requirements you may have. Should you wish to proceed, we can then correspond and negotiate logistical details of time, costs and transport.

Reproduction Antique and Contemporary Frames

We also we can also supply you from a large stock of top quality, ready made, off-the-shelf 'Period Frames' in standard sizes at highly competitive prices.

Please contact us for details.

Bath 2.75 & Windsor 3

D AR & D Plain-1

D AR & D Plain

Double Ripple & 2 Carlo