Is my painting worth restoring?

The real question is how valuable is your painting to you? If for example, it was painted by a special relative, it may have great sentimental value, both to you and anyone you may wish to bequeath it to. If you are unsure of its actual market value, we could probably give you a general estimate, or point you towards possible specialists, who might give you a more accurate assessment. Generally we do not take the value of a painting into consideration with our charges, but work from the premise that it is our goal to achieve the best quality of work for every job we do.

More often than not, the average “Great Grandad’s amateur Masterpiece” was never varnished upon completion, and over time the dirt will have become ingrained right into the paint surface. Subsequent cleaning can sometimes be very difficult indeed! Professional generally artists varnish their work, and this is what provides a protective layer between the paint and the ravages of time. In other words, sometimes an unvarnished amateur painting can cost more to restore than an equivalent sized professional piece. We can however always advise on any options or possible strategies that may defray costs on your behalf.

Good quality restoration will arrest any deterioration and conserve your picture for many years to come, and subsequently, will always provide guaranteed added value.